General and Special Conditions of Sale
USAMOTORIDERS Tourist Packages


The order of tourist packages "USAMOTORIDERS" presented on the site, or any other commercial medium is subject to acceptance by the buyer, and constitutes acceptance without any reservation by the latter, of all the conditions of sale set out below. In addition, these general conditions of sale for "USAMOTORIDERS" tourist packages are supplemented by the provisions of GENERAL CONDITIONS (I), SPECIAL CONDITIONS (II-1 to II-1-5) and ACCOUNT OPENING CONDITIONS, DEADLINES OF PAYMENT AND RESPONSIBILITIES (III) of the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE of the company MONACO TOP VOYAGES which can be seen on the Agency website at the address: All these provisions are binding on the purchaser without regard for specific clauses added by him and without regard for the advertising documents issued by USAMOTORIDERS.


A tourist package is characterized by a service exceeding 24 hours and / or including an overnight stay and resulting from the combination of at least two of the following three services: Transport - Accommodation. A tourist service not incidental to transport or accommodation, but representing a significant part of the overall price.

Prior Information

Within the framework of a tourist package, the brochure, the estimate, the proposal, the program of the organizer constitute the prior information on the prices, the dates and the other constituent elements of the services provided during the trip or the stay that the seller must communicate to the consumer. Consequently, in the absence of contrary provisions appearing on the front of this document, the characteristics, special conditions and price of the trip as indicated in the brochure, the estimate, the proposal of the organizer, will be contractual as soon as the bulletin d 'registration. In the absence of a brochure, estimate, program and proposal, this document constitutes, before its signature by the buyer, the aforementioned prior information. It will lapse for lack of signature within 24 hours of its issue. French motorcycle driving license (Europeans accepted). Minimum age 21 and 1 year of riding a motorcycle over 600cc.


Any registration entails the signing of a registration form. In the absence of contrary provisions appearing on the registration form, the characteristics, special conditions and price of the trip as indicated on the USAMOTORIDERS site or specified in the organizer's program are contractual as of the signing of the registration form. To be confirmed, all registrations must be accompanied by a payment of 30% of the total amount of the trip. The balance must be paid no later than 60 working days before the departure date. The customer who has not paid the balance by the agreed date is considered to have canceled his trip and therefore incurs the cancellation costs provided for in these conditions. In case of registration within 60 days of departure, the total amount of the trip will be due at registration.

Service and Price

The descriptions of the trips and stays as well as the organizer's program expressly mention what is included in the price. The prices used are in euros and have been calculated on the basis of exchange rates, air fares and land services known at the time of signing the contract. They are communicated in real time when they are published on the Site. The prices given are indivisible and any waiver of services included in the package or any interruption of travel due to the client (even in the event of hospitalization or early repatriation), cannot give rise to reimbursement, except specific insurance. The prices indicated correspond to a fixed price per person including tax in a double room, and are denominated in euros. They must be confirmed by the travel agency at the time of registration. The prices are calculated on a lump sum basis according to the number of nights and not days. They include air transport, airport taxes and other taxes known on the date of registration, application fees, the cost of petrol at the pump in the USA, the exchange rate used in the composition of the price. Unless otherwise stated on the travel contract, the prices do not include: Costs of obtaining visas and passports. Tips and various gratuities. Personal expenses. Optional luggage, cancellation and assistance insurance. Single room supplement. Excess baggage. MONACO TOP VOYAGES declines all responsibility for personal purchases on site. USAMOTORIDERS prices are firm and final upon receipt, by MONACO TOP VOYAGES, of the sales contract signed by the customer.

Travel time

The duration of the trip includes the days of departure and return, from the time of departure from the airport on the day of departure, to the time of landing of the flight on the day of return. Unless otherwise stated, taking into account the often random flight schedules, it should be considered that the first and last days of the trip will be devoted to transport and will not include any service at the place of stay unless otherwise stated in the organizer's program. Certain stopovers, changes of aircraft or arrival or departure airport not provided for on the initial flight plans may be decided without notice and may not constitute grounds for cancellation or compensation of any kind. On certain dates, stays of two or three weeks on special flights may not be available for sale, or offered in limited numbers.

Hours of stay

The information and instructions concerning the trip (timetables, appointments, flight number, etc.) will be specified a few days before departure, by a notice sent to the customer by email or post. If these documents are not received, the customer must make himself known by calling MONACO TOP VOYAGES directly.

Description of the Stay

The full description of the stay is provided on the Site or on the organizer's program prior to validation of the order. For programs that combine various services, the trip organizer reserves the right to intervene in chronological order of the chosen program without altering the content.


The classification of hotels by stars or by category presented on the Site always results from the decisions of the tourism authorities, according to local standards which may be different from Monegasque or European standards. MONACO TOP VOYAGES declines all responsibility in the event of theft within the hotel. In general, hotels have a safe (free or paid) that is recommended to use.

Air Transport

The list of airlines used in the proposed trips is communicated to the customer upon registration and no later than 8 days before departure. A change may occur before your departure and the client will be informed of this at the latest when boarding. MONACO TOP VOYAGES cannot be held responsible for incidents that may occur due to the airlines themselves (embarkation, travel and disembarkation). PASSENGERS AND TICKETS The tickets are nominative and cannot in any case be modified, refunded or transferred. The names and surnames appearing on the tickets are compulsory and precisely those appearing on passports valid at the time of travel. The surnames and first names communicated at the time of booking and appearing on the registration form must and precisely be those appearing on passports valid at the time of travel. Otherwise, any modification will be considered as an assignment of contract. Passengers are invited to arrive at the airport 3 hours before takeoff. All times are given for information only and are subject to change, even after confirmation by the airline. Any unused seat on the outward or return journey will not be subject to any refund. In addition, failure to present on board the outbound flight automatically results in the cancellation of the return flight. Changes to timetables or routes, airport changes and flight cancellations are among the specific constraints related to air transport. Monaco Top Voyages cannot be held responsible for these changes.

Incidents and Accidents

The consequences of accidents or incidents that may occur during the performance of air transport are governed by the Warsaw Conventions of October 12, 1929 as amended and the Montreal Conventions of May 28, 1999, the limitations of which could benefit MONACO TOP VOYAGES , in the event of liability being brought into play. Given the intensification of air traffic, events beyond the control of MONACO TOP VOYAGES (strikes, technical incidents, air delays) may take place and are governed in particular by European Regulation n ° 261/2004 of February 11, 2004 on denied boarding, cancellations and long flight delays, the limitations of which may benefit MONACO TOP VOYAGES. In addition, a change of airport can occur in any city. A technical or additional stopover may be scheduled by the airline without MONACO TOP VOYAGES having the time to inform customers. The responsibility and obligations of air carriers for the transportation of passengers and their baggage are regulated in particular by the aforementioned Montreal Convention and the aforementioned Regulation No. 261/2004.

Flight Conditions and Special Features

The weight of authorized baggage in the hold and in the hand is different according to the flights and the companies on the national and international flights and according to the companies. The costs relating to additional baggage will remain the sole responsibility of the customer. In the event of loss or deterioration of luggage during air transport, it is the customer's responsibility to make a declaration at the arrival airport to the airline.


MONACO TOP VOYAGES communicates to the client the conditions of specific cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance before the confirmation of the travel reservation, by means of a link to these conditions that the client can print. The customer can choose not to take out any additional insurance. Or, at the latest at the time of registration, the customer may take out a specific insurance contract. Contract signed with Mutuaide Assistance "Axelliance Exclusive Travel Pack".

Modification of the Contract

MONACO TOP VOYAGES communicates to the client the conditions of specific cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance before the confirmation of the travel reservation, by means of a link to these conditions that the client can print. The customer can choose not to take out any additional insurance. Or, at the latest at the time of registration, the customer may take out a specific insurance contract. Contract signed with Mutuaide Assistance "Axelliance Exclusive Travel Pack". Modification of the Contract Definition: Is considered in particular as a simple modification, any change which may entail costs but which does not have direct consequences on an essential element of the tourist package: ex: error in the first name, the date of birth ... On the other hand, is considered as a cancellation and not a simple modification of the postponement of the date or a change of destination. "from Mutuaide Assistance" Pack Axelliance Voyage Exclusif ". "With Mutuaide Assistance" Axelliance Exclusive Travel Pack ". Likewise, a change of name is not considered as a modification, but as an assignment of a contract and therefore involves cancellation costs. Finally, any modification of the services by the customer on site cannot give rise to reimbursement (shortened stay for example), as well as any service not consumed. Modification by the client: Any postponement of date, any change of type of transport and / or city of departure and / or arrival, any change of itinerary is considered as a cancellation followed by a new registration and entails the invoicing of cancellation costs. . Any hotel modification may result in the invoicing of penalty fees calculated according to the hotel and the date on which the modification request is made. Modification by MONACO TOP VOYAGES before departure: If, before departure, an external event imposing itself on MONACO TOP VOYAGES forces it to modify an essential element of the contract concluded with the customer, the latter will be notified as soon as possible. MONACO TOP VOYAGES will then offer him either a modification of the trip, or an alternative trip. The customer can then either accept the proposed modification or terminate the contract. He must communicate his decision within a maximum of 7 days. In the absence of a response within this period, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the proposed modification. When the customer opts for termination, he may obtain full reimbursement of the sums paid. On the other hand, when a minimum number of participants is required for the realization of a circuit or a trip and this number is not reached, the customer will be informed by MONACO TOP VOYAGES at least 21 days before the date of departure. MONACO TOP VOYAGES then offers the customer an alternative solution at the current rate or full reimbursement of the amounts paid, without being required to receive any compensation or indemnity for the benefit of the customer. A circuit is a "scheduled departure" when it is subject to a minimum number of participants: a minimum of 5 motorcycles is required for the scheduled departure to be confirmed. Modification by MONACO TOP VOYAGES after departure: Except in cases of force majeure, if, after departure, MONACO TOP VOYAGES is unable to provide a preponderant part of the services provided, it will do its best to replace them with equivalent services. If MONACO TOP VOYAGES was completely unable to provide or replace its service, it must ensure the return of the customer, without additional cost and under equivalent conditions, to the place of departure or to another place agreed between the parties . If the customer refuses MONACO TOP VOYAGES 'proposal, he cannot claim any compensation.


MONACO TOP VOYAGES reminds you that the right of withdrawal does not apply to tourist services. Thus, the customer having booked and / or ordered a service remotely (accommodation, transport, catering, leisure) from MONACO TOP VOYAGES, therefore does not benefit from the right of withdrawal. Cancellation by the client: Any request for cancellation of registration from the client must be sent in writing to the MONACO TOP VOYAGES agency and will, regardless of the trip or stay, except specific conditions, cancellation fees calculated according to the scales provided in the conditions specific to each travel supplier. In the event of cancellation of any service, the insurance premium, visa costs if applicable, application fees and ticketing costs are not refundable. MONACO TOP VOYAGES will apply the following costs in the event of cancellation of its registration by the client: After registration, cancellation by the customer results in the payment of € 1,000 of costs per passenger From 120 days of departure, the costs are as follows (calculated as a% of the total amount of registration: From 120 to 61 days before departure: 40% of costs or 1000 € minimum. From 60 to 31 days before departure: 60% of fees. From 30 to 21 days before departure: 80% charge. From 20 to 8 days before departure: 90% charge. From 07 to 0 days before departure: 100% charge. Cancellation by MONACO TOP VOYAGES: The customer cannot claim any compensation if the cancellation of the trip is imposed by circumstances of force majeure or for reasons relating to the safety of travelers. Likewise if the trip is canceled due to insufficient number of participants 21 days before departure and beyond.

Assignment of the Contract

Non-transferability of packages The “USAMOTORIDERS” tourist package is a contract concluded between two designated parties, resulting from their own qualities. Thus, because of this intuitu personae, the client cannot assign his tourist package contract to a third party even if the latter fulfills the same conditions as him (identical accommodation and pension methods, etc.). Conditions of sale of tourist packages made by partners. The tourist package "USAMOTORIDERS" can be developed, in whole or in part, by one or more partners of MONACO TOP VOYAGES who will be naturally identified. For these trips, the conditions of sale set out herein apply and we invite you to consult them. That said, when tourist packages are offered by partners, travel suppliers other than MONACO TOP VOYAGES, their specific conditions of sale may therefore include stipulations concerning the terms of payment, breaches, liability, cancellations or modifications of reservations, reimbursement conditions, transferability or non-transferability of contracts and other restrictive conditions, if applicable.

Administrative Formalities

All passengers must have their own valid passport for the duration of their trip. The customer must imperatively check with embassies and consulates if his personal situation or that of other passengers, and especially children, do not fall under particular formalities.

Registration Failure

Failure to register at the airport or at the port of departure caused by an expired or not presented passport, administrative formalities not respected, delay in air, rail or land pre-routing, whatever the cause, does not lead to liability. MONACO TOP VOYAGES and cancellation fees are due. Likewise, if the surname and first name appearing on the ticket and copied identical to the registration form differ from the surname and first name appearing on the passport. We draw your attention to the fact that, following a failure to check in on departure, the airlines systematically cancel the return flight.

Vehicle rental

For any rental, the day the vehicle is picked up, the driver must: be 21 years of age or older, present his valid passport, present his national driving license, the category of which must be adapted to the rented vehicle, have a Visa, Master Card or American Express bank card from which a deposit will be taken, the amount is shown in this brochure. We draw your attention to the fact that rental agencies do not guarantee the provision of a specific model of vehicle. This restriction does not apply to the provision of the Ford Mustang convertible model.

Limits of Responsibilities

Our responsibility cannot be engaged and the customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of force majeure resulting in delays, modifications, or even cancellations. The organizer strives to find alternatives without any possible compensation. In the event of loss of a connection and loss of validity of the air ticket, especially on return, the customer may then have to acquire a new ticket. The disruption of weather conditions and strikes are considered force majeure. Our responsibility cannot be engaged and the customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of a traffic accident. Each driver / driver is solely responsible for their safety. Our responsibility cannot be engaged and the customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of theft, partial or total degradation of the vehicle made available to him. Our responsibility cannot be engaged and the customer cannot claim any compensation for any consequence related to the non-respect of the rules and laws in force in the visited country (traffic code, transport / transfer / use of illicit substances…) .

After sales service

Any failure in the execution of the contract noted on the spot by the customers must be reported to us as soon as possible, in writing, by registered mail and with supporting documents, at most 7 days after the return. After this period, we will no longer be able to intervene with our suppliers. A service not consumed by the customer cannot be reimbursed. JURISDICTION - APPLICABLE LAW In the event of a dispute or litigation, only the Court of Monaco is competent and only Monaco law is applicable. TRAVEL INSURANCE - "Summary of Guarantees on request". Contract signed with Mutuaide Assistance "Axelliance Exclusive Travel Pack". MONACO TOP VOYAGES Société Anonyme Monégasque with a capital of € 300,000. Headquarters: George V 14 Ave de Grande Bretagne 98000 Monaco. State license issued by the Prince's Government. Registered with the RCI of the Principality of Monaco under the number 92 S 02817. Monaco Top Voyage has its IATA approval for the issue of air tickets.

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